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* Use realpath() on input args to ensure we correct for relative inputsHEADHANDOVERmasterDaniel Silverstone2011-03-141-0/+23
* Remove -dDaniel Silverstone2011-03-012-6/+8
* Make stat mode be 0000 until all shares are present for reconstructionDaniel Silverstone2011-03-011-0/+23
* Don't barf on bad filenames, just ignore themDaniel Silverstone2011-03-011-10/+4
* Remove debuggingDaniel Silverstone2011-03-012-12/+0
* Initial version with exampleDaniel Silverstone2011-03-0110-0/+604
* Copyright file for secretfsDaniel Silverstone2011-03-011-0/+21