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+Keyboard-python is a simple module for parsing keyboard input.
+It is useful because it can tell you keypresses without the need
+for the Enter key to be pressed and can parse the following:
+Alt modified keys
+Ctrl modified keys
+ from keyboardpython import key, getkey
+ alt_A = key.Key('A',key.ALT)
+ alt_a = key.Key('a',key.ALT)
+ k = getkey()
+ if k == alt_A:
+ print "You pressed Alt+A!"
+ elif k == alt_a:
+ print "You pressed Alt+a!"
+ elif k.has_modifier(key.ALT):
+ print "You pressed Alt but not A"
+ elif in 'aA':
+ print "You pressed a but not Alt"
+ else:
+ print "You didn't press Alt or A :("
+PLEASE NOTE: The parser was written experimentally, it works on
+my machine but that is not to say that it will fully work for
+anybody else. If you encounter problems please email me at