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* Convert subdefines from {} to []square-subdefinesRichard Maw2015-11-171-2/+2
* Add support for lexing {}d stringsDaniel Silverstone2015-11-091-6/+20
* Support lexing in a way which copes with terminatorsDaniel Silverstone2015-11-091-5/+9
* Cache full lexes of rulesetsDaniel Silverstone2014-03-221-0/+8
* Attempt caching of lexed lines to speed things upDaniel Silverstone2014-03-221-1/+10
* Lots of ldocDaniel Silverstone2013-11-261-4/+15
* Remove luxio depend from lexDaniel Silverstone2012-05-141-2/+0
* Allow empty quotes to force an empty word to get into the lexer outputDaniel Silverstone2012-05-131-2/+6
* Remove files from lexer interface, it's not neededDaniel Silverstone2012-05-131-11/+0
* Add end position to tokens and fix lex_a_fileDaniel Silverstone2012-05-131-6/+3
* Lexer, fixes and testsDaniel Silverstone2012-05-131-8/+14
* Lexer and initial makefileDaniel Silverstone2012-05-131-0/+123