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* Merge remote-tracking branch 'richardmaw/add-copy-command-rebase3'Daniel Silverstone2013-05-271-4/+65
| * repository: don't break a copy in progressRichard Maw2013-05-271-0/+10
| * repository: add a copy_to methodRichard Maw2013-05-271-0/+51
| * repository: use path_join in some placesRichard Maw2013-05-231-4/+4
* | REPOSITORY: Add set_readme method.Daniel Silverstone2013-05-271-0/+20
* | REPOSITORY: Allow tokens to be customised with notesDaniel Silverstone2013-05-271-2/+2
* REPOSITORY: Cope better with various cases of branch deletionDaniel Silverstone2013-05-011-8/+13
* REPO: Add a mechanism to update the info/web/last-modified fileDaniel Silverstone2013-04-241-0/+49
* Ensure spaces and nulls cannot form part of a repository nameDaniel Silverstone2012-10-091-0/+2
* GITANO: Move the force_empty_tree() call from always, to update-hook and only...Daniel Silverstone2012-09-101-4/+0
* GITANO: Migrate from gitano.git to gallDaniel Silverstone2012-09-081-14/+14
* GITANO: Rationalise splittable stuff and split groups on dashes and repos on ...Daniel Silverstone2012-09-051-11/+2
* REPOSITORY: Add repository/{base,dir}name and repository/N to the context, wh...Daniel Silverstone2012-09-031-0/+10
* REPOSITORY: Change reponame cleaning rules to be more pleasant and usefulDaniel Silverstone2012-09-011-5/+10
* Merge pre-receive hook supportDaniel Silverstone2012-09-011-1/+1
| * HOOKS: Add support for pre-receive hooksDaniel Silverstone2012-08-221-1/+1
* | REPOSITORY: Fix spello in mkdir_p() nameDaniel Silverstone2012-08-311-1/+1
* | REPOSITORY: Allow lace to run against nascent repositoriesDaniel Silverstone2012-08-311-1/+5
* | GITANO: Update to remove repository_root from gitano-adminDaniel Silverstone2012-08-301-6/+6
* | GITANO: Remove need for graveyard_rootDaniel Silverstone2012-08-301-1/+2
* | REPOSITORY: Add filter function to foreachDaniel Silverstone2012-08-301-3/+9
* | REPOSITORY: Tweaks and tidying for base config and admin messagesDaniel Silverstone2012-08-301-5/+5
* | REPOSITORY: Fix check_and_upgrade_hooks to use symlinksDaniel Silverstone2012-08-301-42/+15
* | INSTALLER: make install and gitano-setup should work (mostly)Daniel Silverstone2012-08-301-1/+1
* | REPOSITORY: Apparently repo-specific cgitrc files lack the repo.Daniel Silverstone2012-08-281-1/+1
* | REPOSITORY: Use = not : for cgitrcDaniel Silverstone2012-08-281-1/+1
* | REPOSITORY: Allow save_admin to be more clear about what happenedDaniel Silverstone2012-08-281-4/+8
* | REPOSITORY: Ensure we do not save broken admin refsDaniel Silverstone2012-08-281-0/+5
* | REPOSITORY: Generate cgitrcDaniel Silverstone2012-08-281-0/+37
* | REPOSITORY: Fix silly newline issueDaniel Silverstone2012-08-281-3/+8
* | REPOSITORY: Fix another clod related hiccoughDaniel Silverstone2012-08-281-1/+1
* | CLOD: Switch Repository to using clod for settingsDaniel Silverstone2012-08-251-35/+63
* GITANO: Switch all current hooks (update, post-receive) to use SuppleDaniel Silverstone2012-08-101-12/+25
* REPOSITORY: Switch to safe_load for project.confDaniel Silverstone2012-08-081-8/+2
* REPOSITORY: Ensure that if you save_admin() you run_checks() to apply changesDaniel Silverstone2012-08-081-1/+1
* REPOSITORY: Add a newline to description if it's not providedDaniel Silverstone2012-08-081-0/+3
* REPOSITORY: Re-level a bunch of loggingDaniel Silverstone2012-07-011-5/+5
* REPOSITORY: Allow HEAD to be configuredDaniel Silverstone2012-07-011-0/+15
* REPOSITORY: Configure the owner for gitwebDaniel Silverstone2012-06-171-0/+6
* REPOSITORY: Ensure that we support changing HEAD via refs/gitano/adminDaniel Silverstone2012-06-171-4/+12
* REPOSITORY: Add rename capability to repositoryDaniel Silverstone2012-05-271-0/+25
* REPOSITORY: Support for confirmation tokens and repository destroyDaniel Silverstone2012-05-271-0/+40
* Change commands to lace themselves using repo:run_lace() so that we can later...Daniel Silverstone2012-05-271-7/+23
* REPOSITORY: Fix typo in self:fs_path()Daniel Silverstone2012-05-211-1/+1
* REPOSITORY: import markdown properlYDaniel Silverstone2012-05-211-1/+1
* REPOSITORY: If there's an HTML README created, export itDaniel Silverstone2012-05-211-0/+19
* REPOSITORY: If there's a README.mdwn, load and convert itDaniel Silverstone2012-05-211-1/+15
* REPOSITORY: Force the empty tree to always exist. Skanky for nowDaniel Silverstone2012-05-171-0/+4
* REPOSITORY: Better debug during check_local_git_filesDaniel Silverstone2012-05-161-3/+2
* LACE: Switch over to Lace for rulesets. UntestedDaniel Silverstone2012-05-161-17/+20