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testing: Test that project.owner can be set
This is a smoke test that gitano doesn't choke in being told the owner must change. Gitano doesn't currently validate that the new owner must exist, and it probably should, but I don't want to add more steps to the test runtime, so I've made a note of what would need to be added.
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diff --git a/testing/02-commands-config.yarn b/testing/02-commands-config.yarn
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--- a/testing/02-commands-config.yarn
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@@ -44,6 +44,24 @@ for it.
THEN stderr is empty
AND stdout contains project.head: refs/heads/trunk
+When we create a repository it is owned by the creator,
+but we can change this after it has been created.
+<!-- TODO: config set project.owner shouldn't let you change the user if it
+ doesn't exist yet, so when it does we need to add:
+> GIVEN a unix user called alice
+> AND alice has keys called main
+> WHEN testinstance, using adminkey, adds user alice, using alice main
+> WHEN testinstance adminkey, expecting failure, runs config testrepo set project.owner alice
+> THEN stderr contains Unknown user: alice
+ WHEN testinstance adminkey runs config testrepo set project.owner alice
+ AND testinstance adminkey runs config testrepo show
+ THEN stdout contains project.owner: alice
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