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Additional scenario for the 'as' command
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@@ -36,3 +36,37 @@ The final trivial case is that a user which can run `as` cannot use it to run
AND stderr contains Cannot use 'as' to run 'as'
AND stderr contains Validation of command line failed
AND stderr contains exit:1
+Security-related cases for `as` invocation
+There are a number of security implications for the `as` command. In the
+simplest of cases it is only necessary to grant gitano-admin members the right
+to run commands `as` other users. In this way, only those who could otherwise
+alter the users in the first place can act on their behalf.
+There is, however, a potential information leak -- namely if someone who does
+not have the right to run commands 'as' another user runs an `as` with a user
+which does not exist. It is critical that this simply be reported as a lack of
+permission to run any command, and not leak that the target user does not exist
+in any way.
+ SCENARIO Ensuring 'as' does not leak user presence
+ GIVEN a standard instance
+ AND testinstance has keys called other
+ WHEN testinstance, using adminkey, adds user other, using testinstance other
+ AND testinstance adminkey runs as other whoami
+ THEN stderr is empty
+ WHEN testinstance other, expecting failure, runs as badger whoami
+ THEN stdout is empty
+ AND stderr does not contain badger
+Finally we ensure that when a user who may run `as` commands does so, but
+manages to typo a username, they get a useful error message.
+ WHEN testinstance adminkey, expecting failure, runs as badger whoami
+ THEN stderr contains badger
+ AND stderr contains does not exist
+ AND stderr contains exit:1
+ AND stdout is empty