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Add a repo creation scenario
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@@ -79,3 +79,28 @@ when the new user runs 'ls' it doesn't get to see `gitano-admin` but that the
WHEN testinstance adminkey runs ls
THEN stdout contains RW gitano-admin
+Basic repository creation
+In a default configuration, the only user who will be able to create
+repositories. However creation can hand off ownership which means that we can
+test that a new user who has a repository created for them can see it in ls.
+ SCENARIO delegated repository creation works
+ GIVEN a standard instance
+ AND a unix user called alice
+ AND alice has keys called main
+ WHEN testinstance, using adminkey, adds user alice, using alice main
+ AND testinstance adminkey runs create somerepo alice
+ AND alice main runs ls
+ THEN stdout contains RW somerepo
+And just to check, if the `testinstance` user created a non-delegated repo then
+the `alice` user cannot see it.
+ WHEN testinstance adminkey runs create anotherrepo
+ AND testinstance adminkey runs ls
+ THEN stdout contains RW anotherrepo
+ WHEN alice main runs ls
+ THEN stdout does not contain anotherrepo