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<!-- -*- markdown -*- -->
+`copy <oldrepo> <newrepo>`
+The `copy` command can be used to fork a repository, so you could work on
+a project hosted in the same gitano instance without needing push access.
+Basic operation
+The basic operation of a copy is to duplicate a repository. This by
+itself is not useful, since the primary use-case is to provide a copy
+of a repository you are not allowed to write to, to a place you are.
+ SCENARIO Basic operation of copy
+ GIVEN a standard instance
+ WHEN testinstance adminkey runs create stoat
+ AND testinstance adminkey runs copy stoat badger
+ AND testinstance adminkey runs ls
+ THEN stdout contains badger
+Permissions checking
+TODO: This requires gitano rules that are not the default of there being
+gitano-admin and everyone else, since only gitano-admin is able to read
+admin repositories.