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+[[!meta title="My name is…"]]
+[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
+[[!meta date="2008-04-04 11:52:00 +0100"]]
+[[!tag life]]
+<strike>&hellip;Slim Shady</strike>Daniel Silverstone.
+I just thought I’d take this opportunity to back [Martin F.
+Krafft]( up on the point of names and IRC. Those of
+you who know me on IRC know me as Kinnison. There exists exactly two
+people in this world who I tolerate calling me that in real-life. One is
+my husband and the other knows who they are. The main issue is that my
+brain works very very oddly and as such I don’t actually recognise the
+sound of ‘Kinnison’ as someone trying to get my attention. Plus it takes
+a conscious effort on my part to link that name to myself in anything
+other than realtime online communication.
+So, along with Martin, I’d like to raise the point once more that unless
+you’re actually speaking to me on IRC or a talker, please remember, my
+parents gave me the name ‘Daniel’ and surprisingly I quite like it. Also
+note, I am not ‘Dan’ ‘Danny’ ‘Dannster’ ‘Dan the man’ or any other
+irritating diminutive or cutesy variant.