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+[[!meta title="A(n) Droid…"]]
+[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
+[[!meta date="2009-01-19 11:44:28 +0000"]]
+[[!tag tech]]
+This weekend I took the plunge and got an
+[android]( based phone (The T-Mobile
+in black).
+Unfortunately it turns out that the man in the shop lied when I asked if
+it would work with my Tomtom — It has no ‘dund’ support out of the box.
+However, following the ever so useful instructions on the [Android
+Wiki]( I managed
+to downgrade the phone, jailbreak it, and re-upgrade to a chap’s
+modified firmware which has the bluetooth binaries etc in it.
+Unfortunately that wasn’t quite enough and I couldn’t get the Tomtom
+talking to it.
+I am assured that there’s an update to the firmware due soon, although
+it’s not clear whether that’ll fix the missing features. Also there are
+rumours of a large firmware upgrade due in the first quarter of this
+year, but that’s even more woolly since only one person (who I **do**
+trust) has mentioned it to me as yet.
+I have started to get a feel for coding for Android. Having pooh-poohed
+it when the emulators and SDKs first happened, I must say that I was
+pleasantly surprised. The Android stack is well thought out and quite
+pleasing to write for. Unfortunately I appear to be writing something
+which isn’t typically attempted by the sorts of people who write
+tutorials, so I am stuck trying to grobble through the source for the
+phone’s main apps, and small bits of examples I find lying around on the
+If anyone has a small, clean, example of an application which combines
+tabs, bound services which may optionally be started to make them
+persistent, threading for the service to run code in the background, and
+asynchronous callbacks for status updates from the service to the app
+frontend, then I’d be interested in seeing code.