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@@ -18,23 +18,23 @@ be pretty portable.
Install AwesomeWM:
<pre class="interact">
-\$ sudo apt-get install awesome
+$ sudo apt-get install awesome
Create an X session file:
<pre class="interact">
-\$ cat \> ~/.xsession\\ \<\<‘EOF’<br />
-\#!/bin/sh<br />
-exec\\ gnome-session\\ ~~~~session=localawesome<br />
+$ cat > ~/.xsession\ <<‘EOF’<br />
+#!/bin/sh<br />
+exec\ gnome-session\ ~~~~session=localawesome<br />
<br />
-Create\\ the\\ localawesome\\ session\\ file:
+Create\ the\ localawesome\ session\ file:
<br />
-\<pre\\ class=“interact”\>\$\\ mkdir~~p\\ ~/.config/gnome-session/sessions<br />
-\$\\\\ cat\\\\ \>~/.config/gnome-session/sessions/localawesome.session\\ \<\<‘EOF’<br />
+<pre\ class=“interact”>$\ mkdir~~p\ ~/.config/gnome-session/sessions<br />
+$\\ cat\\ >~/.config/gnome-session/sessions/localawesome.session\ <<‘EOF’<br />
<br />
-Name=Proper\\ Awesome\\ Session<br />
+Name=Proper\ Awesome\ Session<br />
Required=windowmanager;filemanager;<br />
Required-windowmanager=localawesome<br />
Required-filemanager=nautilus<br />
@@ -42,11 +42,11 @@ DefaultApps=gnome-settings-daemon;<br />
RequiredComponents=gnome-settings-daemon;localawesome<br />
FallbackSessionsID=GNOME2d<br />
GNOME2d=2d-gnome<br />
<br />
-Create\\ the\\ localawesome\\ desktop\\ file:<br />
-\<pre\\ class=“interact”\>\$\\ mkdir~~p~/.local/share/applications<br />
-\$ cat \> ~/.local/share/applications/localawesome.desktop\\ \<\<‘EOF’<br />
+Create\ the\ localawesome\ desktop\ file:<br />
+<pre\ class=“interact”>$\ mkdir~~p~/.local/share/applications<br />
+$ cat > ~/.local/share/applications/localawesome.desktop\ <<‘EOF’<br />
<br />
Exec=/usr/bin/awesome<br />
Name=Awesome<br />
@@ -54,41 +54,41 @@ NoDisplay=true<br />
StartupNotify=false<br />
Type=Application<br />
Version=1.0<br />
<br />
-In\\ order\\ to\\ enable\\ the\\ xsession\\ session,\\ install\\ gdm:
+In\ order\ to\ enable\ the\ xsession\ session,\ install\ gdm:
<br />
-\<pre\\ class=“interact”\>\$\\ sudo\\ apt-get\\ install\\ gdm\</pre\>
+<pre\ class=“interact”>$\ sudo\ apt-get\ install\ gdm</pre>
<br />
-Remember\\ to\\ select\\ gdm\\ as\\ the\\ default\\ login\\ manager.
+Remember\ to\ select\ gdm\ as\ the\ default\ login\ manager.
<br />
-If\\ you\\ do\\ not\\ like\\ the\\ filthy\\ overlay\\ scrollbars,\\ then\\ do:
+If\ you\ do\ not\ like\ the\ filthy\ overlay\ scrollbars,\ then\ do:
<br />
-\<pre\\ class=“interact”\>\$\\ sudo\\ apt-get\\ remove\\ ~~~~purge\\ liboverlay\*\</pre\>
+<pre\ class=“interact”>$\ sudo\ apt-get\ remove\ ~~~~purge\ liboverlay*</pre>
<br />
-This\\ will\\ remove\\ ca.\\ 3\\ packages\\ to\\ do\\ with\\ the\\ overlay\\ scrollbars.
+This\ will\ remove\ ca.\ 3\ packages\ to\ do\ with\ the\ overlay\ scrollbars.
<br />
-<b>Now\\ reboot.</b>
+<b>Now\ reboot.</b>
<br />
-When\\ the\\ gdm\\ launcher\\ starts,\\ select\\ your\\ user\\ and\\ from\\ the\\ dropdown\\ choose\\ ‘User\\ defined\\ session’\\ Then\\ click\\ ‘login’.
+When\ the\ gdm\ launcher\ starts,\ select\ your\ user\ and\ from\ the\ dropdown\ choose\ ‘User\ defined\ session’\ Then\ click\ ‘login’.
<br />
-You\\ now\\ have\\ an\\ almost-ready\\ desktop.\\ Next\\ install\\ the\\ gnome\\ tweak\\ tool:
+You\ now\ have\ an\ almost-ready\ desktop.\ Next\ install\ the\ gnome\ tweak\ tool:
<br />
-\<pre\\ class=“interact”\>\$\\ sudo\\ apt-get\\ install\\ gnome-tweak-tool\</pre\>
+<pre\ class=“interact”>$\ sudo\ apt-get\ install\ gnome-tweak-tool</pre>
<br />
-This\\ will\\ install\\ an\\ infeasibly\\ large\\ amount\\ of\\ crap\\ unless\\ you\\ turn\\ recommends\\ off\\ first.
+This\ will\ install\ an\ infeasibly\ large\ amount\ of\ crap\ unless\ you\ turn\ recommends\ off\ first.
<br />
-Run\\ the\\ gnome-tweak-tool\\ program\\ and\\ go\\ to\\ the\\ Desktop\\ tab.
+Run\ the\ gnome-tweak-tool\ program\ and\ go\ to\ the\ Desktop\ tab.
<br />
-Disable\\ the\\ file-manager\\ being\\ in\\ charge\\ of\\ the\\ desktop.
+Disable\ the\ file-manager\ being\ in\ charge\ of\ the\ desktop.
<br />
-Now\\ you\\ can\\ quit\\ the\\ gnome-tweak-tool.\\ Remember\\ the\\ default\\ to\\ do\\ this\\ in\\ awesome\\ is\\ meta+shift+c.
+Now\ you\ can\ quit\ the\ gnome-tweak-tool.\ Remember\ the\ default\ to\ do\ this\ in\ awesome\ is\ meta+shift+c.
<br />
-By\\ default,\\ awesome\\ exiting\\ won’t\\ kill\\ the\\ session\\ since\\ GNOME\\ is\\ in\\ charge\\ of\\ it\\ and\\ doesn’t\\ fully\\ recognise\\ awesome\\ as\\ being\\ in\\ charge.\\ You\\ should\\ ensure\\ that\\ rather\\ than\\ quitting\\ awesome,\\ you\\ run\\ gnome-session-quit\\ with\\ either~~~~logout\\ or\\ —power-off\\ depending\\ on\\ which\\ of\\ the\\ two\\ dialogs\\ you\\ want.\\ The\\ former\\ will\\ leave\\ you\\ back\\ at\\ gdm\\ where\\ the\\ latter\\ will\\ let\\ you\\ shut\\ down\\ the\\ system.\\ I\\ recommend\\ you\\ start\\ to\\ customise\\ your\\ awesome\\ rc.lua\\ file\\ pretty\\ soon\\ to\\ do\\ this,\\ rather\\ than\\ having\\ the\\ quit-awesome\\ option.\\ If\\ you\\ forget\\ to,\\ and\\ quit\\ awesome,\\ then\\ pressing\\ Ctrl+Alt+Del\\ sometimes\\ brings\\ up\\ the\\ logout\\ dialog\\ too.
+By\ default,\ awesome\ exiting\ won’t\ kill\ the\ session\ since\ GNOME\ is\ in\ charge\ of\ it\ and\ doesn’t\ fully\ recognise\ awesome\ as\ being\ in\ charge.\ You\ should\ ensure\ that\ rather\ than\ quitting\ awesome,\ you\ run\ gnome-session-quit\ with\ either~~~~logout\ or\ —power-off\ depending\ on\ which\ of\ the\ two\ dialogs\ you\ want.\ The\ former\ will\ leave\ you\ back\ at\ gdm\ where\ the\ latter\ will\ let\ you\ shut\ down\ the\ system.\ I\ recommend\ you\ start\ to\ customise\ your\ awesome\ rc.lua\ file\ pretty\ soon\ to\ do\ this,\ rather\ than\ having\ the\ quit-awesome\ option.\ If\ you\ forget\ to,\ and\ quit\ awesome,\ then\ pressing\ Ctrl+Alt+Del\ sometimes\ brings\ up\ the\ logout\ dialog\ too.
<br />
-From\\ now\\ on,\\ it’s\\ all\\ up\\ to\\ you.\\ Some\\ Linux\\ systems\\ have\\ the\\ GTK\\ configured\\ to\\ have\\ hideous\\ resize\\ thumbs\\ in\\ the\\ bottom-right\\ corner\\ of\\ every\\ window.\\ If\\ they’re\\ present\\ on\\ your\\ system,\\ you\\ can\\ get\\ rid\\ of\\ them\\ with:
+From\ now\ on,\ it’s\ all\ up\ to\ you.\ Some\ Linux\ systems\ have\ the\ GTK\ configured\ to\ have\ hideous\ resize\ thumbs\ in\ the\ bottom-right\ corner\ of\ every\ window.\ If\ they’re\ present\ on\ your\ system,\ you\ can\ get\ rid\ of\ them\ with:
<br />
-\<pre\\ class=“interact”\>\$\\ cat\\ \>\>~/.gtkrc-2.0 \<\<‘EOF’<br />
+<pre\ class=“interact”>$\ cat\ >>~/.gtkrc-2.0 <<‘EOF’<br />
style “default-style”<br />
{<br />
GtkWindow::resize-grip-height = 0<br />