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+[[!meta title="A quarter in review"]]
+[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
+[[!meta date="2019-04-08 10:00:00"]]
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+The 2019 plan - First-quarter review
+[At the start of the year][2019-plan] I blogged about my plans for 2019. For
+those who don't want to go back to read that post, in summary they are:
+[2019-plan]: ../2019-01-plans/
+1. Continue to lose weight and get fit. I'd like to reach 80kg during the year if I can
+2. Begin a couch to 5k and give it my very best
+3. Focus my software work on finishing projects I have already started
+4. Where I join in other projects be a net benefit
+5. Give back to the @rustlang community because I've gained so much from them already
+6. Be better at tidying up
+7. Save up lots of money for renovations
+8. Go on a proper holiday
+At the point that I posted that, I promised myself to do quarterly reviews and
+so here is the first of those. I am a few days late/early depending on your
+view of things, but today seems a good day to do this since it's the day before
+my 39th birthday.
+1. Weight loss
+I started the year at 101.7kg, and when I posted my plans I was 101.3kg which
+wasn't the best start to the year. My goal is 80kg this year, and when I
+started I figured that'd be pretty easy to achieve given my previous 6 months
+or so of consistent weight loss. Sadly that has not proven out. It *is*
+harder to lose weight as you get lighter; the more you lose the harder it gets.
+I started the year out pretty strong, reaching 90kg in early March. Sadly my
+body seems to really like 90kg. It's not really a "set point" in that I can
+easily gain weight from there, but losing weight from 90kg has proven to be
+really tough for me. Since that first time dipping to 90kg in early March,
+I've been up as high as 91.5kg and down as low as 87.5kg, though I'm currently
+Previously on weight plateaus, I've been able to kick-start loss again either
+by doing a stronger fast for a few days, or by eating more for a week and then
+returning to my loss-level diet. This hasn't worked in the past month yet.
+Since this month includes when my father was very unwell before ultimately
+dying last year, and also my birthday, I figure that I'm going to end this
+plateau with a huge pig-out on protein tomorrow for my birthday and then going
+somewhat strict with myself for a few weeks to try and get things going again.
+I know that by my goal estimate, I have basically 8 months to lose 8kg, but I
+ought to be able to do that in 4 months or even less if I try harder.
+Other fitness goals have been sidelined in favour of the couch-to-5k effort
+(see below) but perhaps in my next review things will change…
+I give myself a solid "B" for this
+2. Couch to 5k
+This was started, and I have been doing my best. It has been a really
+interesting experience since it has taught me that the "training wall" really
+exists. One week a while ago, I hit it really hard, and had to stop my run
+about 10m in, because I simply could not make my legs go any further. Since
+then I've reduced the amount of non c25k training I do, and that has allowed
+my body the time to adapt to running more effectively.
+I managed a 5k run for the very first time last Thursday, and I'll be
+attempting another on Thursday of this week. I'm amazed at my progress and
+super-proud of being able to say that I have pretty much nailed this one down.
+I have hopes that at the next checkin I'll to have to say that I've met my goal
+(a parkrun in May, running the whole thing) and so be setting a different
+fitness goal for the rest of the year.
+So far, so good, I'm giving myself an "A+"
+3. Finishing projects
+I managed to sort things so that [Gitano][] won't drop out of Debian, and I've
+done a bit more on [NetSurf][] than I did previously, but in the past quarter
+I've not done a lot on the pub software I mentioned at the start of the year.
+Rob and I have booked off a chunk of April, so perhaps I'll get a chance to do
+some of that then.
+Sadly, I've also *started* a bunch of projects, including beginning to plan
+work with [Lars][] on a [Yarn][] re-design.
+So over-all, this one gets a "C" - satisfactory but could do a lot better.
+4. Be a net benefit
+I have restricted what projects I am part of this year. My presence in Debian
+I think just about counts as a net-benefit to the project, but it's a pretty
+slim margin.
+I do my best on the [Lua][] community support (ML, webhosting, etc) but I've
+not really been a *part* of the community for a couple of years now. I'd like
+to think they still appreciate my efforts, but that's about it.
+I've really heavily invested my efforts into Rust related stuff as you will
+I think that, over all, I'm doing okay here, a "B-" since I could do better
+but I'm not negative-impact anywhere to my knowledge.
+5. Give back to the Rust community
+This is one software/community place where I think I've done pretty well. I
+started the year looking at various parts of the Rust ecosystem, but ended up
+settled into [Rustup][] where I joined the working group and began in earnest
+to help deal with issues and improve what I see to be the gateway to the Rust
+As you will know if you follow this blog, I ended up making the
+[Rustup 1.17.0][release] release, which was a nerve-wracking experience that I
+will do better with next time. Fortunately the community is amazing and they
+were super-forgiving of my cockup.
+I also hang around on the `#wg-rustup` [Discord][] channel and other channels
+on that server, helping where I can. I've been running the Rustup working
+group weekly meetings, and I feel like I've made a pretty positive impact on
+things. Rustup is a slow moving tool which we try and change only
+conservatively, but it is a critical part of the experience of the Rust
+ecosystem so we do want to make it as good as it can be.
+[release]: ../rustup-1.17.0/
+All in all, I think I deserve an "A" for my efforts here. I could do a bit
+more and that'd give me the "+" but for now I'm satisfied.
+6. Be better at tidying up
+I started the year out strongly, doing well at this, but over the months I've
+slipped back into my bad habits. I'm still very bad at this part of "adulting"
+and have nothing useful to report beyond "Trying to develop multiple habits
+simultaneously is super-hard". I think that once the c25k effort is over
+and I can reduce my running efforts, resuming "normal" gym routines etc, I may
+have some mental energy left to try and develop better tidying habits.
+All in all this is a big fat "F" for fail.
+7. Save up money for renovations
+I believe that I've been doing pretty well at this. Since I don't go out much,
+I don't eat out anywhere near as much as I used to, and I don't generally buy
+toys (e.g. I recently got an upgraded graphics card for free because Rob
+decided he needed a shinier one and so I got a hand-me-down), I've been able to
+put a good chunk of cash away. Not enough yet for a new kitchen, but it's
+getting there slowly. Of course, the next point might eat away a good chunk of
+I'm giving myself an "A" for this, because I *do* have a pretty healthy looking
+savings account, even if I can see all the looming bills for renovations :D
+8. Go on a proper holiday
+Well, this one hasn't happened yet, though I do have a week off booked for
+after easter, that's in next quarter so I'm guessing it doesn't count for now.
+Rob will be off to Japan in the summer, so perhaps I'll take some time off at
+that point to have a break. Of course, with Rob away, it'd be a staycation
+which isn't quite what I had in mind, so who knows what I'll do instead. I'm
+so much of a homebody that a staycation is still a good holiday in my view, but
+it's not what I meant when I said a "proper holiday" since that needs to be a
+break from all the "normal" stuff in my view.
+Giving myself a "C" here because I've not failed at it, but I've not made major
+inroads into planning or somesuch.
+All-in-all I think I've done pretty well. My scores are B, A+, C, B-, A, F, A,
+C, which, if we ignore the F is an average of A, though the F does ruin things
+a little. Hopefully in another 3 months I'll be able to report better