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+[[!meta title="Misheard lyrics"]]
+[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
+[[!meta date="2004-04-22 13:28:00 +0100"]]
+[[!tag old-livejournal]]
+It struck me last night that a track I’ve been hearing on the telly
+recently had a very strange lyric in it. You see, I could have sworn
+that the words went: <quote>“… a little anaemic …”</quote> which is
+somewhat odd. It turns out that the lyrics (from a track called “Slow
+Jamz”) are: <quote>“… a little Anita will definitely set this party off
+…”</quote>. Then, while wandering back from getting some mints, it
+struck me that <em>Super-Kali-Pugilistic-Explode-It’s-Atrocious</em>
+would be a somewhat appropriate mishearing of that famous “long word”.