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+[[!meta title="Irritated by thieving git"]]
+[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
+[[!meta date="2004-02-17 18:37:00 +0000"]]
+[[!tag old-livejournal]]
+Someone calling themselves Kiri The Weiz decided that it would be a good
+idea to deep-link to an image belonging to a company
+<a href="">Pepperfish</a> host the
+website for. We take a dim view of bandwidth theft, but thanks to
+<a href="">Zeus’</a> RequestRewriteScript we
+have made is so that instead of getting a big debian swirl,
+<a href="">Livejournal:wear\_sunscreen</a>
+gets a nice ‘We do not like this theft’ image instead. Perhaps if they’d
+responded usefully to the request not to deep-link, we’d not have had to
+do this.