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+[[!meta title="A quarter in review - Nearly there, 2020 in sight"]]
+[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
+[[!meta date="2019-10-20 16:00:00"]]
+The 2019 plan - Third-quarter review
+[At the start of the year][2019-plan] I blogged about my plans for 2019. For
+those who don't want to go back to read that post, in summary they are:
+[2019-plan]: ../2019-01-plans/
+1. Continue to lose weight and get fit. I'd like to reach 80kg during the year if I can
+2. Begin a couch to 5k and give it my very best
+3. Focus my software work on finishing projects I have already started
+4. Where I join in other projects be a net benefit
+5. Give back to the @rustlang community because I've gained so much from them already
+6. Be better at tidying up
+7. Save up lots of money for renovations
+8. Go on a proper holiday
+At the point that I posted that, I promised myself to do quarterly reviews and
+so here is the second of those. The first can be found [here][2019-q1-review],
+and the second [here][2019-q2-review].
+[2019-q1-review]: ../2019-04-review/
+[2019-p2-review]: ../2019-07-review/
+1. Weight loss
+So when I wrote in July, I was around 83kg. I am very sad to report that I did
+not manage to drop another 5kg, I'm usually around 81.5kg at the moment, though
+I do peak up above 84kg and down as far as 80.9kg. The past three months have
+been an exercise in incredible frustration because I'd appear to be making
+progress only to have it vanish in one day.
+I've continued my running though, and cycling, and I've finally gone back to
+the gym and asked for a resistance routine to compliment this, so here's
+Yet again, I continue give myself a solid "B" for this, though if I were
+generous, given everything else I might consider a "B+"
+2. Fitness (was Couch to 5k)
+When I wrot ein July, I was pleased to say that I was sub 28m on my parkrun.
+I'm now consistently sub 27:30, and have personal bests of 26:18 and 26:23
+at two of my local parkruns.
+I have started running with my colleagues once a week, and that run is a bit
+longer (5.8 to 7km depending on our mood) and while I've only been out with
+them a couple of times so far, I've enjoyed running in a small group. With the
+weather getting colder I've bought myself some longer sleeved tops and bottoms
+to hopefully allow me to run through the winter. My "Fitness age" is now in
+the mid 40s, rather than high 60s, so I'm also approaching a point where I'm as
+fit as I am old, which is nice.
+So far, so good, I'm continuing with giving myself an "A+"
+3. Finishing projects
+This is a much more difficult point for me this year, sadly. I continued to do
+some work on on [NetSurf][] this quarter. We had another amazing long-weekend
+where we worked on a whole bunch of NS stuff, and I've even managed to give up
+some of my other spare time to resolve bugs, though they tend to be quite hard
+and I'm quite slow. I'm very pleased with how I've done with that.
+[Lars][] and I continue to work on our testing project, now called [Subplot][].
+Though, frankly, Lars does almost all of the work on this.
+I did accidentally start another project ([remsync][]) after buying a
+reMarkable tablet. So that bumps my score down a half point.
+So over-all, this one drops to "C-", from the "C" earlier in
+the year - still (barely) satisfactory but could do a lot better.
+4. Be a net benefit
+My efforts for Debian continue to be restricted, though I *hope* it continues
+to just about be a net benefit to the project. My efforts with the [Lua][]
+community have not extended again, so pretty much the same.
+I remain invested in Rust stuff, and have managed (just about) to avoid
+starting in on any other projects, so things are fairly much the same as
+before. I lead the Rust installer working group and we recently released
+a huge update to `rustup` which adds a bunch of desired stuff.
+While the effects of my Rust work affect both this and the next section, I
+am *very* pleased with how I did and have upgraded myself to an "A-" for this.
+5. Give back to the Rust community
+I have worked very hard on my [Rustup][] work, and I have also started to
+review documentation and help updates for the Rust compiler itself. I've
+become involved in the [Sequoia][] project, at least peripherally, and have
+attended a developer retreat with them which was both relaxing and productive.
+I feel like the effort I'm putting into Rust is being recognised in ways I did
+not expect nor hope for, but that's very positive and has meant I've engaged
+even more with the community and feel like I'm making a valuable contribution.
+I still hang around on the `#wg-rustup` [Discord][] channel and other channels
+on that server, helping where I can, and I've been trying to teach my
+colleagues about Rust so that they might also contribute to the community.
+So initially an 'A', I dropped to an 'A-' last time, but I feel like I've put
+enough effort in to give myself 'A+' this time.
+6. Be better at tidying up
+I've managed to do a bit more tidying, but honestly this is still pretty bad.
+I managed to clean up some stuff, but then it slips back into mess. The habit
+forming is *still* not happening. At this point I think I really need to grab
+the bull by the horns and focus on this one, so it'll be better in the next
+report I promise.
+I'm upgrading to an 'E' because I *am* making some difference, just not enough.
+7. Save up money for renovations
+We spent those savings on our renovations, but I do continue to manage to put
+some away. As you can see in the next section though, I've been spending money
+on myself too.
+I think I get to keep an 'A' here, but only just.
+8. Go on a proper holiday
+I spent a week with the Sequoia-PGP team in Croatia which was *amazing*. I
+have a long weekend planned with them in Barcelona for Rustfest too. Some
+people would say that those aren't real holidays, but I relaxed, did stuff I
+enjoyed, tried new things, and even went on a Zip-line in Croatia, so I'm
+counting it as a win.
+While I've not managed to take a holiday *with* Rob, he's been off to do things
+independently, so I'm upgrading us to a 'B' here.
+Last quarter I had a B+, A+, C, B, A-, F, A, C+, which ignoring the F is a
+was better than earlier in the year, though still not great.
+This quarter I have a B+, A+, C-, A-, A+, E, A, B. The F has gone which is
+nice, and I suppose I could therefore call that a fair A- average, or perhaps
+C+ if I count the E.