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+When I was 19, I bought a house. This house was just what I needed at
+the time, and in a great location for what I wanted. However over time
+it has become “not quite right”. So I started to look for a new place to
+live. I found a house in Manchester and put an offer in many many months
+ago (no, seriously, in about October 2005) and today I have finally
+exchanged contracts to move.
+As such, I will be moving on Tuesday the 16th May to my new house. I
+therefore wanted to put out the following…
+If you have anything you think is mine, and you want to give it back
+before I move, please email me.
+If you think I have anything of yours and you want it back before I
+move, please email me.
+If you think I have anything which I might want to throw away and that
+you would like to have, please email me. (This includes a 32U comms rack
+with 19" conversion, a couple of SPARC boxes (non-ultrasparc) and a few
+bits of acorn kit)
+If you would like to help me pack in return for curry on Sunday, then
+please email me.
+I’ll post new contact details to my blog once I’m settled