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[[!meta title="I bet you..."]]
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` I bet you I can't use these words when I'm blogging I bet you I can't use these <em>*bleep*</em> words It's not that they're <em>*buzz*</em> or <em>*beep beep*</em> controversial Just that the <em>*dinging*</em> words are awfully strong. You can't say <em>*honk*</em> when you're blogging; Or <em>*shot*</em> or <em>*twang*</em> or <em>*bleh*</em>, You can't even say I'd like to <em>*creak*</em> you one day Unless you're a doctor with a very large <em>*boing*</em>. So I bet you I can't use these words when I'm blogging I bet you they daren't <em>*scratching*</em> well allow me I bet you their <em>*ch-chinging*</em> old blog aggregators Will think it's a load of horse <em>*raspberry*</em> `
<em>— With apologies to Eric Idle</em>