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+[[!meta title="Thunderbirds are go"]]
+[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
+[[!meta date="2004-05-04 00:50:00 +0100"]]
+[[!tag old-livejournal]]
+I’m trying to use Mozilla Thunderbird as my mail client; having gotten
+irritated with Evolution a little too often. I’m most of the way there
+with Thunderbird — It’s missing a few key features. If people know how
+to get them in for me, could you please comment on this posting so I can
+iron out the last few niggles.
+Inability to disable threading by subject while retaining threading by
+Lack of UI for editing multiple identities per account. (I can cope with
+editing `prefs.js`, but I’d rather not have to
+Lack of support for keybindings to as-yet-unbound actions. E.g. I want a
+keybinding for `Compact Folders`
+I’m sure there’re more and I’ll add them when I think of them.