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+So I bought a Wireless card to replace my broken Actiontec one… Dabs
+advertised this one has having Linux support and off I went and ordered
+it. It arrived this morning and seems to be a Realtek 8180 based device.
+These have been around for months and yet there is still no reliable
+support for them. There’s a Realtek supplied part-binary driver for
+2.4.x but that is not gonna work in 2.6.2. I am currently looking into
+the ndiswrapper project to see if they have anything useful &mdash; they
+seem to carry an rt8180.c file which might help and I’ve hacked it to
+compile that for 2.6.x I guess if I have no joy at all tonight, I’ll
+have to decide between sending it back or learning to write kernel
+drivers. (P.S. the card is an
+<a href="">Edimax
+7106</a> and is a Cardbus interfaced single-height PCMCIA card)