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[[!meta title="Releasing Rustup 1.17.0"]]
[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
[[!meta date="2019-03-06 21:38:00"]]
-[[!tag draft]]
Today marks the release of [`rustup`]( version 1.17.0 which
is both the first version of `rustup` which I have contributed code to, and
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* Error message improvements wrt. unavailable components. _Daniel Silverstone_
* Improvements in component listing API for better automation. _Naftuli Kay_
+_If I missed your commits out, it doesn't mean I thought they weren't
+important, it merely means I am lazy_
As you can see, we had a nice selection of contributors, from Rustup WG
members, to drive-by typo fixes (unlisted for the most part) to some excellent
new contributors who are being more and more involved as time passes.