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Review post for this quarter
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+[[!meta title="A quarter in review - Halfway to 2020"]]
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+The 2019 plan - Second-quarter review
+[At the start of the year][2019-plan] I blogged about my plans for 2019. For
+those who don't want to go back to read that post, in summary they are:
+[2019-plan]: ../2019-01-plans/
+1. Continue to lose weight and get fit. I'd like to reach 80kg during the year if I can
+2. Begin a couch to 5k and give it my very best
+3. Focus my software work on finishing projects I have already started
+4. Where I join in other projects be a net benefit
+5. Give back to the @rustlang community because I've gained so much from them already
+6. Be better at tidying up
+7. Save up lots of money for renovations
+8. Go on a proper holiday
+At the point that I posted that, I promised myself to do quarterly reviews and
+so here is the second of those. The first can be found [here][2019-q1-review].
+[2019-q1-review]: ../2019-04-review/
+1. Weight loss
+So when I wrote in April, I was around 88.6kg and worried about how my body
+seemed to really like roughly 90kg. This is going to be a similar report.
+Despite managing to lose 10kg in the first quarter, the second quarter has been
+harder, and with me focussed on running rather than my full gym routine,
+loss has been less. I've recently started to push a bit lower though and I'm
+now around 83kg.
+I could really shift my focus back to all-round gym exercise, but honestly I've
+been enjoying a lot of the spare time returned to me by switching back to my
+cycling and walking, plus now running a bit. I imagine as the weather returns
+to its more usual wet mess the gym will return to prominence for me, and with
+that maybe I'll shed a bit of more of this weight.
+I continue give myself a solid "B" for this, though if I were generous, given
+everything else I might consider a "B+"
+2. Couch to 5k
+Last time I wrote, I'd just managed a 5k run for the first time. Since then
+I completed the couch-to-5k programme and have now done eight parkruns. I
+missed one week due to awful awful weather, but otherwise I've managed to be
+consistent and attended one parkrun per week. They've all been at the same
+course apart from one which was in Southampton. This gives me a clean ability
+to compare runs.
+My first parkrun was 30m32s, though I remain aware that the course at Platt
+Fields is a smidge under 5k really, and I was really pleased with that.
+However as a colleague explained to me, _It never gets easier…_ Each parkrun is
+just as hard, if not harder, than the previous one. However to continue his
+quote, _…you just get faster._ and I have. Since that first run, I have
+improved my personal record to 27m34s which is, to my mind at least, bloody
+brilliant. Even when this week I tried to force myself to go slower, aiming
+to pace out a 30m run, I ended up at 27m49s.
+I am currently trying to convince myself that I *can* run a bit more slowly and
+thus increase my distance, but for now I think 5k is a stuck record for me.
+I'll continue to try and improve that time a little more.
+I said last review that I'd be adjusting my goals in the light of how well I'd
+done with couch-2-5k at that point. Since I've now completed it, I'll be
+renaming this section the 'Fitness' section and hopefully next review I'll be
+able to report something other than running in it.
+So far, so good, I'm continuing with giving myself an "A+"
+3. Finishing projects
+I did a bunch more on [NetSurf][] this quarter. We had an amazing long-weekend
+where we worked on a whole bunch of NS stuff, and I've even managed to give up
+some of my other spare time to resolve bugs. I'm very pleased with how I've
+done with that.
+Rob and I failed to do much with the pub software, but [Lars][] and I continue
+to work on the [Fable][] project.
+So over-all, this one doesn't get better than the "C" from last time - still
+satisfactory but could do a lot better.
+4. Be a net benefit
+My efforts for Debian continue to be restricted, though I *hope* it continues
+to just about be a net benefit to the project. My efforts with the [Lua][]
+community have not extended again, so pretty much the same.
+I remain invested in Rust stuff, and have managed (just about) to avoid
+starting in on any other projects, so things are fairly much the same as
+I remain doing "okay" here, and I want to be a little more positive than last
+review, so I'm upgrading to a "B".
+5. Give back to the Rust community
+My work with [Rustup][] continues, though in the past month or so I've been
+pretty lax because I've had to travel a lot for work. I continue to be as
+heavily involved in Rust as I can be -- I've stepped up to the plate to lead
+the Rustup team, and that puts me into the Rust developer tools team proper. I
+attended a conference, in part to represent the Rust developer community, and I
+have some followup work on that which I still need to complete.
+I still hang around on the `#wg-rustup` [Discord][] channel and other channels
+on that server, helping where I can, and I've been trying to teach my
+colleagues about Rust so that they might also contribute to the community.
+Previously I gave myself an 'A' but thought I could manage an 'A+' if I tried
+harder. Since I've been a little lax recently I'm dropping myself to an 'A-'.
+6. Be better at tidying up
+Once again, I came out of the previous review fired up to tidy more. Once
+again, that energy ebbed after about a week. Every time I feel like I might
+have the mental space to begin building a cleaning habit, something comes along
+to knock the wind out of my sails. Sometimes that's a big work related thing,
+but sometimes it's something as small as "Our internet connection is broken, so
+suddenly instead of having time to clean, I have no time because it's broken
+and so I can't do _anything_, even things which don't need an internet
+This remains an "F" for fail, sadly.
+7. Save up money for renovations
+The savings process continues. I've not managed to put *quite as much* away
+in this quarter as I did the quarter before, but I have been doing as much as
+I can. I've finally consolidated most of my savings into one place which also
+makes them look a little healthier.
+The renovations bills continue to loom, but we're doing well, so I think I get
+to keep the "A" here.
+8. Go on a proper holiday
+Well, I had that week "off" but ended up doing so much stuff that it doesn't
+count as much of a holiday. Rob is now in Japan, but I've not managed to take
+the time as a holiday because my main project at work needs me there since
+our project manager and his usual stand-in are both also away in Japan.
+We have made a basic plan to take some time around the August Bank Holiday to
+perhaps visit family etc, so I'm going to upgrade us to "C+" since we're making
+inroads, even if we've not achieved a holiday yet.
+Last quarter, my scores were B, A+, C, B-, A, F, A, C, which, if we ignore the
+F is an average of A, though the F did ruin things a little.
+This quarter I have a B+, A+, C, B, A-, F, A, C+, which ignoring the F is a
+little better, though still not great. I guess here's to another quarter.