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+[[!meta title="RFH: Naming things is hard"]]
+[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
+[[!meta date="2019-08-28 09:10:00 +0100"]]
+As with all things in computing, one of two problems always seem to raise their
+ugly heads… We either have an off-by-one error, or we have a caching error, or
+we have a naming problem.
+[Lars][] and I have been working on an acceptance testing tool recently. You
+may have seen the [soft launch][] announcement on Lars' blog. Sadly since that
+time we've discovered that _Fable_ is an overloaded name in the domain of
+software quality assurance and we do not want to try and compete with [Fable][]
+since (a) they were there first, and (b) accessibility is super-important and
+we don't want to detract from the work they're doing.
+[soft launch]:
+As such, this is a request for help. We need to name our tool usefully, since
+how can we make a git repository until we have a name? Previous incarnations
+of the tool were called _Yarn_ and we chose _Fable_ to carry on the sense of
+telling a story (the fundamental unit of testing in these systems is a
+scenario), but we are not wedded to the idea of continuing in the same vein.
+If you have an idea for a name for our tool, please consider reading about it
+[on the Fable website][website], and then either comment here, or send me an
+email, prod me on IRC, or indeed any of the various ways you have to find me.