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FLOSS work for August 2017
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+[[!meta title="F/LOSS activity, August 2017"]]
+[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
+[[!meta date="2017-09-02 11:00:00 BST"]]
+[[!tag floss gitano debian debconf]]
+Shockingly enough, my focus started out on [Gitano][] once more. We managed a
+1.1 release of Gitano during the Debian conference's "camp" which occurs in the
+week before the conference. This was a joint effort of myself, Richard Maw,
+and Richard Ipsum. I have to take my hat off to Richard Maw, because without
+his dedication to features, 1.1 would lack some stuff which Richard Ipsum
+proposed around ruleset support for basic readers/writers and frankly 1.1 would
+be a weaker release without it.
+Because of the [debconf][] situation, we didn't have a
+[Gitano developer day][devday] which, while sad, didn't slow us down much...
+* Once again, we reviewed our [current task state][trello]
+* I submitted a series which fixed our test suite for Git 2.13 which was an
+ FTBFS bug submitted against the Debian package for Gitano. Richard Maw
+ reviewed and merged it.
+* Richard Maw supplied a series to add testing for dangling HEAD syndrome.
+ I reviewed and merged that.
+* Richard Maw submitted a patch to improve the auditability of the 'as' command
+ and I reviewed and merged that.
+* Richard Ipsum submitted a patch to add reader/writer configs to ease simple
+ project management in Gitano. I'm not proud to say that I was too busy to
+ look at this and ended up saying it was unlikely it'd get in. Richard Maw,
+ quite rightly, took umbrage at that and worked on the patch, eventually
+ submitting a new series with tests which I then felt obliged to review and I
+ merged the series eventually.
+ > This is an excellent example of where just because one person is too busy
+ > doesn't mean that a good idea should be dropped, and I am grateful to
+ > Richard Maw for getting this work mergeable and effectively guilt-tripping
+ > me into reviewing/merging. This is a learnable moment for me and I hope to
+ > do better into the future.
+* During all that time, I was working on a plugin to support ``
+ in Gitano. This work ranged across hooks and caused me to spend a long time
+ thinking about the semantics of configuration overriding etc. Fortunately
+ I got there in the end, and with a massive review effort from Richard Maw,
+ we got it merged into Gitano.
+* Finally I submitted a patch which caused the tests we run in Gitano to run
+ from an 'install' directory which ensures that we catch bugs such as those
+ which happened in earlier series where we missed out rules files for
+ installation etc. Richard Maw reviewed and merged that.
+* And then we released the new version of Gitano and subsidiary libraries.
+ There was Luxio version 13 which switched us to `readdir()` from
+ `readdir_r()` thanks to Richard Ipsum; Gall 1.3 which contained a bunch of
+ build cleanups, and also a `revparse_single()` implementation in the C code
+ to speed things up thanks to Richard Maw; Supple 1.0.8 which improved wrapper
+ environment cleanups thanks to Richard Ipsum, allowed baking of paths in which
+ means Nix is easier to support (again thanks to Richard Ipsum), fixed setuid
+ handling so that Nix is easier to support (guess what? Richard Ipsum again);
+ Lace 1.4 which now verifies definition names in allow/deny/anyof/allof and
+ also produces better error messages from nested includes.
+ And, of course, Gitano 1.1 whose changes were somewhat numerous and so you
+ are invited to read them in the [Gitano NEWS file][news] for the release.
+### Not Gitano
+Of course, not everything I did in August was Gitano related. In fact once I
+had completed the 1.1 release and uploaded everything to Debian I decided that
+I was going to take a break from Gitano until the next [developer day][devday].
+(In fact there's even some patch series still unread on the mailing list which
+I will get to when I start the developer day.)
+I have long been interested in [STM32][] microcontrollers, using them in a
+variety of projects including the [Entropy Key][ekey] which some of you may
+remember. [Jorge Aparicio][japaricio] was working on Cortex-M3 support (among
+other microcontrollers) in [Rust][rustlang] and he then extended that to
+include a realtime framework called RTFM and from there I got interested in
+what I might be able to do with Rust on STM32. I noticed that there weren't
+any pure Rust implementations of the USB device stack which would be necessary
+in order to make a device, programmed in Rust, appear on a USB port for a
+computer to control/use. This tweaked my interest.
+As many of my readers are aware, I am very bad at doing things without some
+external motivation. As such, I then immediately offered to give a talk at a
+conference which should be happening in November, just so that I'd be forced to
+get on with learning and implementing the stack. I have been chronicling my
+work in this blog, and you're encouraged to go back and read them if you have
+similar interests. I'm sure that as my work progresses, I'll be doing more and
+more of that and less of Gitano, for at least the next two months.
+To bring that into context as F/LOSS work, I did end up submitting some patches
+to Jorge's [STM32F103xx][] repository to support a couple more clock
+configuration entries so that USB and ADCs can be set up cleanly. So at least
+there's that.