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+[[!meta title="Subplot and FOSDEM 2022 talk"]]
+[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
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+As many of you may be aware, I work with [Lars Wirzenius][] on a project
+we call [Subplot][] which is a tool for writing documentation which helps
+all stakeholders involved with a proejct to understand how the project meets
+its requirements.
+At the start of February we had [FOSDEM][] which was once again online, and
+I decided to give a talk in the [Safety and open source][saos] devroom to
+introduce the concepts of safety argumentation and to bring some attention
+to how I feel that Subplot could be used in that arena. You can view the
+talk on the FOSDEM website at some point in the future when they
+manage to finish transcoding all the amazing talks from the weekend, or if
+you are more impatient, on [Youtube][yttalk], whichever you prefer.
+If, after watching the talk, or indeed just reading about Subplot on our website,
+you are interested in learning more about Subplot, or talking with us about
+how it might fit into your development flow, then you can find Lars and
+myself in [the Subplot Matrix Room][matrix] or else on any number of IRC networks
+where I hang around as `kinnison`.
+[lars wirzenius]: