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+[[!meta title="Docker Compose"]]
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+I glanced back over my shoulder to see the Director approaching. Zhe stood
+next to me, watched me intently for a few moments, before turning and looking
+out at the scape. The water was preturnaturally calm, above it only clear
+blue. A number of dark, almost formless, shapes were slowly moving back and
+forth beneath the surface.
+"Is everything in readiness?" zhe queried, sounding both impatient and resigned
+at the same time. "And will it work?" she added. My predecessor, and zir
+predecessor before zem, had attempted to reach the same goal now set for
+"I believe so" I responded, sounding perhaps slightly more confident than I
+felt. "All the preparations have been made, everything is in accordance with
+what has been written". The director nodded, zir face pinched, with worry
+writ across it.
+I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, opened them, raised my hand and focussed
+on the scape, until it seemed to me that my hand was almost floating on the
+water. With all of my strength of will I formed the incantation, repeating it
+over and over in my mind until I was sure that I was ready. I released it into
+the scape and dropped my arm.
+The water began to churn, the blue above darkening rapidly, becoming streaked
+with grey. The shapes beneath the water picked up speed and started to grow,
+before resolving to what appeared to be stylised Earth whales. Huge arcs of
+electricity speared the water, a screaming, crashing, wall of sound rolled over
+us as we watched, a foundation rose up from the depths on the backs of the
+whale-like shapes wherever the lightning struck.
+Chunks of goodness-knows-what rained down from the grey streaked morass,
+thumping into place seamlessly onto the foundations, slowly building what I had
+envisioned. I started to allow myself to feel hope, things were going well,
+each tower of the final solution was taking form, becoming the slick and clean
+visions of function which I had painstakingly selected from among the masses of
+clamoring options.
+Now and then, the whale-like shapes would surface momentarily near one of the
+towers, stringing connections like bunting across the water, until the final
+design was achieved. My shoulders tightened and I raised my hand once more.
+As I did so, the waters settled, the grey bled out from the blue, and the scape
+became calm and the towers shone, each in its place, each looking exactly as it
+Chanting the second incantation under my breath, over and over, until it seemed
+seared into my very bones, I released it into the scape and watched it flow
+over the towers, each one ringing out as the command reached it, until all the
+towers sang, producing a resonant and consonant chord which rose of its own
+accord, seeming to summon creatures from the very waters in which the towers
+The creatures approached the towers, reached up as one, touched the doors, and
+screamed in horror as their arms caught aflame. In moments each and every
+creature was reduced to ashes, somehow fundamentally unable to make use of the
+incredible forms I had wrought. The Director sighed heavily, turned, and made
+to leave. The towers I had sweated over the design of for months stood proud,
+beautiful, worthless.
+I also turned, made my way out of the realisation suite, and with a sigh hit
+the scape-purge button on the outer wall. It was over. The grand design was
+flawed. Nothing I created in this manner would be likely to work in the scape
+and so the most important moment of my life was lost to ruin, just as my
+predecessor, and zir predecessor before zem.
+Returning to my chambers, I snatched up the book from my workbench. The
+whale-like creature winking to me from the cover, grinning, as though it knew
+what I had tried to do and relished my failure. I cast it into the waste chute
+and went back to my drafting table to design new towers, towers which might be
+compatible with the creatures which were needed to inhabit them and breath life
+into their very structure, towers which would involve no grinning whales.