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+All mod mechanics are based around night time.
+Early mechanics use white stained glass and black stained glass, standing
+under them and doing stuff. Later mechanics involve stuff built from those
+Early-game mechanics require single operations on or around dawn or dusk or
+Later mechanics require specific combinations of time of night and phase of
+Some mechanics require multiple things to happen with time passing between
+them. Perhaps even tracking things like amount of time spent at night vs.
+in the day.
+Some mechanics require very exact timing, earlier mechanics let you build
+blocks to help you with that.
+Some kind of energy gathering in a block which gathers in the darkness and
+dissipates in the light perhaps. Perhaps two kinds of energy, one derived from
+the spaces between the stars and one derived from the moonlight. One
+associated with good things and one with bad.
+Some kind of sunset ritual (needs to be set up before sunrise, then lingers)
+which raises a soul from the land of the dead (green flash)
+A moonlight sensor (like a daylight sensor, but gives you feedback as to the
+amount of light coming from the moon -- sensitive to phase as well as time of
+day perhaps)
+night-dwelling creatures, passive so they don't contribute to the mob limit,
+some visible if the player is infused with moonlight, some with starspace.
+they can be captured by right-clicking them (they drop nothing and have only
+half a heart) for use in other mechanics
+Vanilla starting point
+White and black stained glass for the basis for moonlight and starspace
+gathering. In addition, mob drops associated with the night form part of the
+early game stuff. Spider eyes, rotten flesh, bones and gunpowder. Also sugar,
+redstone, carrots,
+In-game help
+Throw a book, a feather, an ink sac, a white stained glass block and a black
+stained glass block on the floor together around midnight and wait. Particle
+effects will indicate that something is going on, and after about 20 seconds
+the items will vanish and be replaced with the 'Spatio inter Stellarum' -- a
+book which details your research into the space between the stars. It's a
+little like a quest book in that it unlocks stuff as you go, but it's also not
+explicit about what happens, so it's kinda like a research tome too. A bit
+questy, a bit guidey, a bit record-y.
+The Stellarum looks somewhat like a slate and appears to be enchanted. The
+tooltip (changes depending on the day/night cycle and the phase of the moon)
+suggests that it is somehow connected to some otherworldly power.
+In general, if viewed during the day, the words are comprehensible but the
+images fade/jumble/can't easily be understood.
+Possible effects
+Early on, some lightweight potion effects such as night vision, fire
+resistance, speed and haste can be acquired by right clicking the appropriate
+items while under the relevant glass at sunset. These early effects are more
+to introduce you to the idea
+Spatio inter Stellarum
+When you craft it, the book contains one page with 'Prove yourself' written
+on it and a strange diagram of the moon, some glass and a spider's eye in a v