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@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@ In-world crafting mechanics
Everything is crafted by the player (or crates/droppers/whatever) ejecting
items into the world in proximity to one another, along with a noctis catalyst.
+If we support crates/droppers/whatever then the catalyst will need binding to a
+player somehow (a ritual?)
The catalyst is, as all good catalysts are, not consumed in the crafting but
simply facilitates the creation of the item in the world. If more than one
thing can be created, one at a time is processed with at least 1 second between
@@ -113,3 +116,12 @@ like the thaumonomnicon though it's a combination of a research journal with
ideas, and an indexed record of what the player has discovered or theorised to
work. Recipes may not be possible without the requisite knowledge which will
be stored as world data for the player?
+Knowledge may be known (written in the book) speculative (written in the book
+but perhaps the effect isn't known) hidden (not written in the book but
+possible if the player tries it by chance) or locked (not in the book, not
+usable at this time).
+Things the player has done before are known, knowing new things may unlock
+speculative knowledge or hidden knowledge. The player cannot perform things
+which are not known.