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Things the player has done before are known, knowing new things may unlock
speculative knowledge or hidden knowledge. The player cannot perform things
which are not known.
+Possible recipes
+Light catalyst
+Water bottle + Golden Carrot == potion of night vision (useful for seeing in
+the dark)
+Block of white glass + 8 feathers == 8 shards of moonlight. (Consumes about a
+whole night of energy)
+Plain crafting
+eight smooth stone around a shard of moonlight == eight moonlight infused
+stone. (Which has microblock capability and facade capability)
+eight smooth stone around a shard of the rift == eight rift infused stone.
+two glass and a diamond sword == unattuned glass sword -- implicit sharpness V
+and good attack damage but much lower max item damage
+glass sword with four shards of moonlight == moonlight infused sword. Every
+time you hit an enemy, you gain half a heart of health (up to max health). When
+it hits max damage it will shatter giving you back 2 shards of moonlight.
+Moonlight reduces the attack damage of the glass sword but improves its max
+glass sword with four shards of the rift == rift infused sword. Every time you
+hit (12 attack damage) it will steal 1 heart (2 damage) from you too. When it
+hits max damage it will shatter, releasing 2 shards of the rift and causing 3
+hearts damage to the wielder.
+Dark catalyst
+Eight arrows + obsidian block == eight obsidian tipped arrows (cause more
+damage, minor explosion [mob-harming] on hit, cannot be re-collected).
+Block of black glass + 8 feathers == 8 shards of the rift (Again a whole night
+of energy)