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* Issued rev.Arev.ADaniel Silverstone2019-05-101-1/+1
* Some fixes thanks to VinceDaniel Silverstone2019-05-041-191/+233
* Route LEDs, take on board comments from BenDaniel Silverstone2019-04-211-1019/+1537
* More LCSC data, changed one component outDaniel Silverstone2019-04-201-276/+280
* Tiny tweaksDaniel Silverstone2019-04-201-14/+14
* Test points, routing, and layout Oh my!Daniel Silverstone2019-04-201-882/+1831
* Basically everything on the board, but no routing yetDaniel Silverstone2019-04-191-452/+605
* Some more HW layoutDaniel Silverstone2019-04-191-379/+381
* Rough arrangement of all but HT boost noDaniel Silverstone2019-04-141-686/+978
* More work toward prototype boardDaniel Silverstone2019-04-141-398/+492
* Cleanups, ERC roughly clean nowDaniel Silverstone2019-04-141-246/+496
* More updates, closer to prototype schematic nowDaniel Silverstone2019-04-131-237/+231
* Further work on prototypeDaniel Silverstone2019-04-131-198/+2949
* Initial bitsDaniel Silverstone2019-04-131-0/+461