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accessible over the git, http and ssh transport protocols.
<!-- More in-depth description of features -->
+NOTE: This section is a work in progress
+# Is a git server
+Git servers implement the `git-{receive,upload}-pack` commands when accessed over ssh, handle requests to `/info/refs?service=git-{upload,receive}-pack` when accessed over http, and the bespoke protocol of the git transport.
+Gitano implements the ssh interface by generating a `.ssh/authorized_keys` file for all the permitted ssh keys that runs a proxy command that determines which user the key belonged to and whether the user is permitted to run the requested command before running the git command.
+Gitano implements the http interface by providing `gitano-smart-http.cgi` which the system administrator configures their web server to run, which authenticates the user based on a generated htpasswd file then determines whether the authenticated user is permitted to run the requested service before handing it off to `git-http-backend`.
+Gitano implements the git interface by generating `git-daemon-export-ok` files for every repository that the anonymous user is permitted to read.