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+[[!meta title="Gitano - Governance"]]
+[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
+[[!meta date="2019-02-02 08:00:00"]]
+Governance in Gitano
+The project is owned by, and run by, __Daniel Silverstone__.
+While Daniel undertakes to listen to and take-on-board suggestions and
+recommendations from any project contributor. Final decisions are made
+by Daniel.
+Daniel is considering the possibility of some kind of board for the project
+but at this time this is only an idle consideration.
+Roles in the project
+Daniel is responsible for everything really.
+Should Daniel go under a bus
+In case of incapacitation, loss of life, or general disinterest in continuing
+the project, access to the DNS for `` and access to the content
+and thus rights to publish new software etc can be acquired by speaking to
+other [Pepperfish]( maintainers.
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@@ -96,6 +96,18 @@ understand the tests which exist, how to get coverage reports for when you do
write tests, etc. Before writing any tests, or before trying to understand
a test failure, please do read the `TESTING` document carefully and fully.
+Asserting the right to supply a change
+Any change you supply to Gitano or its associated projects will end up under
+the licence terms of that project. Typically that is either an ISC-like
+licence, or a Creative Commons licence for documentation and images. In order
+to do this there any any number of ways, but the one simplest and easiest
+to achieve is to use the `Signed-off-by` feature of Git's commits. If you
+submit commits which have this in, then the project will take those statements
+to mean that you understand the licence terms in play and that you have the
+right to license the content of the commits in that way.
Providing a change to the developers
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* [[What is Gitano?|about/what-is]]
* [[What are Gitano's goals?|about/goals]]
* [[How do I contact Gitano's developers?|about/contact]]
+* [[Project governance structure|about/governance]]
Project activity