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describe server-side commands
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@@ -89,3 +89,18 @@ it is easy to make a backup of configuration with the data
by mirroring the repository content,
configuration gains the same traceability guarantees as git history
and can be access controlled with the same mechanism as the data.
+# Server side commands for easier administration
+Management of git repositories isn't naturally part of the git protocol,
+so commands for creating and deleting repositories need to be added
+so that you don't need a shell account on the machine to manage repositories.
+Additionally operations that may be performed
+by making changes to the `gitano-admin.git` repository
+may also be done with the command-line,
+which is significantly quicker and more scriptable than pushing changes.
+<!-- Gitano lets you delegate CLI interface management
+ but does not parse changes to gitano-admin to see what they do
+ and then run ACLs to see whether the user is permitted to do so -->