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[[!meta title="What are Gitano's goals?"]]
-NOTE: This is work in progress.
+Gitano is both a project and a program within that project.
-Provide a FOSS git server that a security conscious system administrator would be prepared to host on their machines and allow people they may not know very well to use it.
+# Goals for the Gitano program
+The primary goal of Gitano is to
+provide a FOSS git server
+that a security conscious system administrator
+would be prepared to host on their machines
+and allow people they may not know very well to use it.
+Other goals of Gitano include:
+1. All configuration and metadata is stored within the git repositories.
+2. Provide mechanisms to build powerful features out of
+ rather than hard-code logic to provide those features.
+ <!-- The bypass key is an exception to this
+ because there needs to be a back door if soft-code locks you out,
+ and the gitano-admin group raises the log level ceiling
+ because if the log level cap depended on running ACLs
+ you wouldn't be able to log ACLs -->
+3. We prefer interopability over reimplementation.
+ We provide hooks and instruction for how to integrate cgit,
+ rather than implementing our own web interface.
+# Goals for the wider Gitano project
+Foster an ecosystem of tooling capable of providing
+a federated equivalent to centralised solutions such as GitHub or GitLab.