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Add NEWS file.v1.3
This should be updated whenever a new feature is added to Gall. It is not meant to be a full changelog, so only put headline items in this file please. The first time a change happens after a new version, please remember to add the new title.
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+News for Gall
+This document lists important things to know about changes to Gall between
+one release and the next. It is arranged in reverse-version-order, with the
+newest NEWS at the top.
+Changes since v1.2
+* Added C support for `revparse_single` which will speed up a number of simple
+ revision lookups.
+* Attempt to make it easier to test new versions of gall on systems where there
+ is another version installed (this depends on Lua 5.2, so the default version
+ for testing is now Lua 5.2, though Lua 5.1 remains supported)
+* Removed internal libgit2 support, and cleaned up the build system around
+ that dramatically.
+* Added a NEWS file