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* Fix up clippy lints in fs backendHEADmasterDaniel Silverstone2018-11-111-35/+37
* Fix doc bugDaniel Silverstone2018-11-111-1/+8
* Bunch'o'cleanups for ClippyDaniel Silverstone2018-10-251-6/+8
* Clippy dislikes box referencesDaniel Silverstone2018-10-251-14/+14
* Cleanup a clippy whingeDaniel Silverstone2018-10-252-4/+6
* Merge branch 'fs-backend'Daniel Silverstone2018-10-2011-83/+1252
| * move fs backend notes into right placefs-backendDaniel Silverstone2018-10-201-0/+0
| * Final bits to make fs backend workDaniel Silverstone2018-10-197-60/+228
| * Add fs_backend pair removerDaniel Silverstone2018-10-181-3/+116
| * Add missing futures pollDaniel Silverstone2018-10-181-0/+1
| * Support running tests in a temporary directoryDaniel Silverstone2018-10-135-5/+32
| * Filesystem backend insertion commiter state machineDaniel Silverstone2018-10-131-1/+124
| * Clean up test errors a little to make them more usefulDaniel Silverstone2018-10-131-27/+16
| * Implement insertion abortDaniel Silverstone2018-10-041-1/+9
| * Support value()Daniel Silverstone2018-10-041-2/+4
| * Closer and closerDaniel Silverstone2018-10-041-6/+124
| * Add tempfile crateDaniel Silverstone2018-10-043-0/+32
| * More futures needed, tests won't passDaniel Silverstone2018-10-042-4/+5
| * Cleanup: Pass conf around as an Arc<>Daniel Silverstone2018-09-301-29/+22
| * First pass at file reader, need inserter before test proceedsDaniel Silverstone2018-09-264-5/+61
| * Change Checker to Retriever and wrapper it as CheckerDaniel Silverstone2018-09-264-40/+81
| * Fix slight incorrectness in locking protocol and ensure close is in non-block...Daniel Silverstone2018-09-261-4/+13
| * Unqualify all the bits in set_utime_now()Daniel Silverstone2018-09-231-5/+7
| * Fix up msecs_since()Daniel Silverstone2018-09-231-1/+1
| * Switch to using new FSBIndividualPresenceChecker in FS backendDaniel Silverstone2018-09-231-19/+11
| * Switch to milliseconds in the test configDaniel Silverstone2018-09-231-4/+4
| * Initial stab at (unused) fsbipc machineDaniel Silverstone2018-09-224-0/+204
| * Add support for locking filenames etcDaniel Silverstone2018-09-224-3/+106
| * Naïve presence checker, does not update metadata or honour locksDaniel Silverstone2018-09-212-5/+70
| * Implement monotonic(ish) time for FS backendDaniel Silverstone2018-09-191-2/+5
| * Switch to allowing errors out when creating a filesystem backendDaniel Silverstone2018-09-193-7/+9
| * split/reword: stuffDaniel Silverstone2018-09-194-1/+118
* Change from usize to u64 for monotonic timeDaniel Silverstone2018-09-153-8/+8
* Fix typoDaniel Silverstone2018-09-151-1/+1
* Replace the notes with how the FS backend ought to work in cassava-storageDaniel Silverstone2018-09-141-24/+208
* Switch backend instantiation to a functionDaniel Silverstone2018-09-133-9/+18
* Switch storage away from ConfigDaniel Silverstone2018-09-136-176/+23
* Update to support tokio, upgrade tests to tokio basisDaniel Silverstone2018-09-136-97/+709
* Finish changing test into a single large future ready for tokioDaniel Silverstone2018-09-131-71/+125
* Step one in rework of tests into a single futureDaniel Silverstone2018-09-131-33/+41
* Switch everything from strings to pathsDaniel Silverstone2018-09-093-54/+76
* Support enumerate_keys in StorageBackend traitDaniel Silverstone2018-09-053-10/+79
* Add support for removing pairs from storageDaniel Silverstone2018-08-294-2/+83
* Support monotonic time reporting in the main storage backend traitDaniel Silverstone2018-08-293-0/+19
* Initial integration testDaniel Silverstone2018-08-234-7/+115
* Add support for retrieving from a backendDaniel Silverstone2018-08-222-0/+46
* Ensure that the commit/abort consume the receiverDaniel Silverstone2018-08-222-8/+8
* Support insertion in the memory backend and add doctestDaniel Silverstone2018-08-203-11/+136
* Add insertion to the public traitsDaniel Silverstone2018-08-192-1/+51
* Use 'storage' rather than 'backend' for consistencyDaniel Silverstone2018-08-191-2/+2