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* 3dp is enough for display purposesDaniel Silverstone2018-05-301-2/+2
* Support reporting changes in derived valuesDaniel Silverstone2018-05-301-0/+34
* Add derived unitsDaniel Silverstone2018-05-301-0/+86
* Add units loader and some basic unitsDaniel Silverstone2018-05-301-1/+105
* Support signed valuesDaniel Silverstone2018-04-231-0/+32
* Support cadence on Raw ECUsDaniel Silverstone2018-04-121-1/+35
* Change some bits to remove warningsDaniel Silverstone2018-04-111-2/+3
* Include unused locations in decode report so that we can track if things chan...Daniel Silverstone2018-04-111-0/+18
* Remove tracesDaniel Silverstone2018-04-091-47/+36
* Bunch of fixups, support decoding raw framesDaniel Silverstone2018-04-091-6/+112
* Support definitions, try and send a packet every few seconds, not yet workingDaniel Silverstone2018-04-081-0/+71